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Scott Murphy – House Guide & Business Manager 

Tasmania Fly Fishing Charters

Tasmania Fly Fishing Charters

Meet Scott Murphy, the House Guide and Business Manager of Tasmania Fly Fishing, residing in Launceston. With a childhood spent near pristine mountain streams, Scott has been an avid trout fisherman since the mid-1970s. It was in the late 1990s that he discovered the art of fly fishing, igniting a deep and enduring passion within him. In 2005, Scott began guiding for fellow local guides, sharing his expertise with others.

Having spent over two decades exploring the remote corners of Tasmania through bushwalking, Scott’s love for discovery perfectly complements his fly fishing pursuits. He finds immense joy in sight fishing with dry flies in the crystal-clear waters of Tasmania.

With his wealth of experience and qualifications as a coach, Scott excels in working with beginners and those eager to enhance their fly fishing skills. His patient and supportive approach ensures a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience for all.

Whether you’re a novice or looking to refine your techniques, Scott Murphy is your go-to guide at Tasmania Fly Fishing, ready to share his knowledge and passion for the sport.

Tas Fly Fishing Charters - Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy – House Guide & Business Owner

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Finn McDowell – House Guide

Tasmania Fly Fishing

Finn McDowell – House Guide

Meet Finn, a passionate fly fisherman who embarked on his trout fishing journey at the tender age of 7. With a father who shares his love for fly fishing in Tasmania, Finn was exposed to the sport from an early age. Joining local fishing clubs provided him with opportunities to interact with skilled anglers, further nurturing his passion and fueling his dedication to trout fishing.

Finn’s commitment and enthusiasm have propelled him to become a highly skilled fly fisherman. His continuous involvement in the Tasmanian and Australian Fly Fishing Championships has allowed him to showcase his abilities on a competitive stage. As a junior, Finn has secured several first-place victories and consistently achieved impressive rankings, leading to his selection for the Australian Team. In 2023, he proudly represented Australia in the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships held in Scotland with an overall individual placing of 8th (out of all Commonwealth Countries – wow) and the men’s team took out the bronze medal!

Finn’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and the support of his fishing community. His love for fly fishing drives him to continually refine his skills and explore new techniques. Whether he’s casting a line in local rivers or participating in prestigious competitions, Finn’s passion for the sport shines through.

If you’re seeking guidance from an accomplished fly fisherman who knows the ins and outs of Tasmania’s trout fishing scene, Finn is the perfect companion to help you enhance your skills and experience the joy of fly fishing firsthand.

Tasmania Fly Fishing Charters

Finn McDowell – House Guide

Finn’s Instagram Page

Finn is a dedicated and experienced trout fishing guide known for his calm demeanor and supportive nature. His keen eye for spotting trout guarantees an exciting and rewarding fishing adventure. While he is skilled in both rivers and lakes, Finn’s true passion lies in exploring the scenic highland regions of Tasmania. Immersed in the beauty of this tranquil environment, he shares his knowledge and love for fly fishing with others.

Finn’s technique is what amazes me most and if you’d like to hone your skills in the areas of Euro Nymphing, Loch-Style fishing, sight fishing, dry fly, wade polaroiding or any other area, I’d advise you request Finn to be your guide.

If you’re searching for a patient and knowledgeable guide who creates a positive and supportive fishing experience, Finn is the perfect companion. His passion for trout fishing and love for Tasmania’s highland country will lead you to the best fishing spots, creating lasting memories on the water.


Alex Fulton – House Guide

Meet Alex, a seasoned and passionate trout angler with years of dedication to the sport. Every free moment he has is spent on the water, whether by foot or in his cherished kayak, in pursuit of trout. His angling journey began with lure fishing but effortlessly transitioned into the captivating world of fly fishing. Alex is not just a skilled angler; he’s a fantastic companion on the water, adept at making your fishing experience unforgettable.

Beyond his angling prowess, Alex is a seasoned coach, ready to assist both beginners and those looking to hone their fly fishing skills. He’s exceptional with clients and offers exceptional value, ensuring your time on the water is not only about the catch but the overall experience. Choosing Alex as your guide means embarking on a fishing journey that leaves you with cherished memories and newfound angling knowledge. Contact Alex today to plan your next fishing adventure.


Liam Murphy – House Guide

Tasmania Fly Fishing

Liam Murphy – House Guide

Liam’s journey into the world of fly fishing began at the tender age of 6, following in the footsteps of his father, the owner Scott Murphy. Growing up, he accompanied his father on numerous fishing adventures, honing his skills in spotting trout and practicing his casting whenever he had a spare moment at home. While he pursued a career as a talented chef after completing school, Liam has recently felt the call to reignite his passion for fly fishing and embark on a new path.

With his extensive experience and deep love for the sport, Liam has developed into an exceptional coach. His ability to connect with people and his genuine enthusiasm for fly fishing make him a natural guide. Liam understands the joys and challenges that come with the pursuit of trout, and he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

Beyond his technical expertise, Liam’s true joy lies in seeing others discover the thrill of fly fishing. He takes great satisfaction in witnessing his clients succeed and witnessing their excitement as they reel in their first trout. Liam’s patient and encouraging nature creates a supportive environment, allowing beginners to feel comfortable and confident in their abilities.

As Liam transitions into his new role, he brings with him the passion and dedication that have fueled his own fly fishing journey. He is excited to guide others, passing on his love for the sport and helping them create their own unforgettable fishing experiences.

Tasmania Fly fishing

House Guide – Liam Murphy

So, whether you’re new to fly fishing or looking to enhance your skills, Liam is the perfect companion on your fishing expedition. With his friendly demeanor, expertise in the craft, and genuine love for the sport, he will ensure that your time on the water is enjoyable, rewarding, and filled with memories to last a lifetime.


Shaun Cooper – House Guide

Tasmania Fly Fishing

Meet Shaun, a true enthusiast when it comes to fly fishing. With an extensive background and wealth of knowledge, Shaun’s love for the sport knows no bounds. He is particularly experienced in guiding adventurers through remote and untouched locations, showcasing the beauty of Tasmania’s wild landscapes.

Shaun’s explorations have taken him far and wide, immersing himself in the untamed wilderness of Tasmania. His countless fishing excursions have led to a remarkable collection of fish stories and memorable catches. As his passion for fly fishing continues to grow, Shaun has discovered an emerging talent in photography, capturing the essence and beauty of his fishing experiences.

But Shaun’s love for the outdoors isn’t limited to fishing alone. As a devoted family man, he takes great joy in sharing his adventures with his young children. With them safely nestled in a child seat backpack, Shaun embarks on thrilling explorations, instilling in them a deep appreciation for Tasmania’s unique and magnificent wilderness.

Shaun’s passion for fly fishing is contagious, and his enthusiasm is evident in every aspect of his life. Whether he’s guiding you through a remote fishing spot, capturing breathtaking moments with his camera, or embarking on family escapades, Shaun’s dedication and knowledge shine through.

Join Shaun on an unforgettable journey, where you’ll experience the thrill of fly fishing in some of Tasmania’s most pristine locations. With his expertise and genuine love for the wild, Shaun will not only guide you to the best fishing spots but also ignite your own passion for nature and adventure.

Prepare to be inspired as Shaun shares his insights, stories, and skills, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Tasmania Fly Fishing – Charters

And while we don’t pretend to be the world’s best anglers, we are very competent and experienced fly fishers and place importance on having fun, developing skills and enjoying the adventure. We are dedicated to delivering an enjoyable and memorable experience to each and every one of our valued clients. Email us now to discuss your fishing tour requirements to [email protected]

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And for those of you who would like to review which other guiding options are available here in Tasmania, we strongly recommend using an accredited guide that is registered with the Trout Guides and Lodges Association. You can feel free to email us directly at [email protected] for recommendations, as we are proud to support our local guiding industry…

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