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We are part of the Pro Guide team of Orvis Fly fishing and highly recommend all of their equipment. they are a professional, community based organisation with a rich history in the world of fly fishing, have an excellent online store with great service and have a fantastic library of YouTube content. get on it!

For those local to Launceston and internet shoppers alike, who are after an excellent fly fishing shop with a great range of fly fishing gear, trout flies and all related accessories, I couldn’t recommend Andrew Button of Trophy Trout Lures and Fly Fishing any higher. With a high level of personal service, local knowledge and a good sense of humour, get in and say g’day!

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Tasmania Fly Fishing

Tasmania Fly Fishing

Provider of guided Fly Fishing Tours around Launceston, our Central Highlands and Currawong Lakes.

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Tasmania Fly Fishing
**Exploring Tasmania: A Motorbike Adventure finished with a half day workshop session with Tasmania Fly Fishing**A country circuit throughout Tasmania, a group of 10 motorbike enthusiasts embarked on a journey of adventure and discovery. On their last day, they wanted to finish the 10 day tour with a short fly fishing experience. So, guided by our team of Alex, Liam, Finn and myself we gave some theory background, ran through casting tuition and finished up have a fish around the lake’s edge and had some laughs along the way. ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Tasmania Fly Fishing
Discovering the Charms of Country NSW: A Fly Fishing Expedition with a couple of our favoured repeat Clients / Friends!In the heart of country New South Wales, my friends and clients Peter, Michael, and I embarked on a fly fishing escapade, eager to explore the hidden gems of this rustic landscape.After hours of scouting and wandering through farm lands and eucalyptus forests, we stumbled upon pristine trout streams, their chilly waters promising exciting encounters with rainbow trout.Although the trout weren’t giants, they fought fiercely, providing us with plenty of excitement and adrenaline rushes. Amidst the beautiful scenery and the cold, rushing streams, we found ourselves immersed in the simple joys of angling.Our day was made complete not only by the trout we caught but also by the company of good friends, as we shared laughs and soaked in the tranquility of our surroundings.As we reluctantly bid farewell to the countryside, we carried with us memories of a day filled with fun, friendship, and the thrill of the catch. Until our next adventure, we’ll hold onto these moments dearly, cherishing the beauty and simplicity of fly fishing in country NSW. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Tasmania Fly Fishing
Happy International Women’s Day! Caught on trout flies from our own range (available for sale / professionally tied by Riseley Trout Flies -DM for info). Proud member of Orvis Fly Fishing#tasmaniaflyfishing ---#tassiestyle #discovertasmania #flyfishing #tasmania #tightlines #catchandrelease #wildtrout #flyfishaustralia #fish #fishing #trout #troutonthefly #flyfishinglife #inthenet #troutfishtasmania #troutfishingtasmania#orvisflyfishing#flyfishingfortrout #sightfishing #outdoors #nature #angler #fishingadventures #fishonthefly #browntroutflyfishing #rainbowtroutflyfishing #loveflyfishing #guidedflyfishing #tasmaniaflyfishingtours ... See MoreSee Less
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Tasmania Fly Fishing
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Our Passion for Fly Fishing:

At Tasmania Fly Fishing, we are truly passionate about trout fishing, particularly the thrill of dry fly fishing. Our goal is to spread the joy and excitement of fishing in the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania. We believe in breaking down the misconception that fly fishing is exclusively for purists, as we welcome anglers of all levels of experience and backgrounds.

As responsible fishermen, we adhere to the principles of “Catch and Release” in our fly fishing practices. We understand the importance of preserving the delicate balance of our fishery, and we are committed to promoting sustainability and conservation. We are grateful for the abundant fishery we have in Tasmania and strive to protect it for future generations to enjoy.

Above all, we want to emphasize that fishing is not just about the catch—it’s about relishing the outdoors, immersing ourselves in nature, and having an absolute blast while fishing. We believe in fostering a sense of fun and adventure in every fishing experience we offer. Join us in celebrating the wonders of the natural world and the joy of fishing in Tasmania.

Tasmania Fly Fishing” – Terms & Conditions

These policies and procedures are intended to only provide the framework for a guiding engagement that is personally tailored to meet the outcomes desired by you, the client. You are encouraged to review the content below and ask for clarity on anything unclear to you. This section sets out the conditions and understandings for a professional relationship between “Tasmania Fly Fishing” (Scott Murphy) and you, the client.


The health and safety of all of our clients, representatives of “Tasmania Fly Fishing”, the general public and the surrounding environment is and always will be of high importance and priority. All clients are required to follow all instructions regarding safety including Covid Safety Procedures and highlight or notify the guide of any areas of risk identified. No fires, destruction or damage of property or the leaving of rubbish or cigarette butts is allowed while on any of our tours. Full disclosure to the guide of any medical conditions including but not limited to allergies and physical limitations is a formal requirement to allow the proper facilitation of the tour is an expressed requirement. We operate fly fishing tours in Tasmania, out of the Launceston area, that are drug and alcohol free as impairment of this kind may impact the safety levels of the individuals participating within any tour or workshop.

Liability Waiver

In order to ensure that all participants are covered by our public liability insurance, our insurer mandates that participants agree to the following waiver:

During your fishing tour, your guide will provide necessary safety advice as required throughout the duration of the day. Our guides make every effort to ensure the safety of participants to the best of their abilities. However, participants are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions and involvement during the tour. By agreeing to the waiver, participants acknowledge and accept that certain activities undertaken during the tour may carry inherent risks, including the potential for injury or even death. Participants willingly assume these risks. For participants under the age of 16, guardians must agree to the waiver on their behalf.

Equipment Usage:

Obtaining and maintaining all of the equipment necessary for the smooth and safe operation of a quality guided fly fishing service takes considerable time and capital investment. When guiding, each client is decked out in approximately $1,000 worth of wading equipment and $1,000 worth of fly fishing equipment. We expect all clients to look after the gear as if it were your own and agree that if you damage any equipment through your own negligence, that you accept liability for the damaged goods. Or in other words, you break it you buy it. To be fair and reasonable, if we can repair items at low cost, or source replacement items at wholesale prices, we will do so in an attempt to minimise costs wherever possible. We haven’t had to invoke this clause yet, and hope it stays that way. Please take care!


On our tours and workshops, we like to take photos and videos of our experiences and sometimes we like to share these on our website, Facebook page or Instagram page to show past and future clients what they might be able to expect on one of our tours along with celebrate the enjoyment of our clients time with us. If you’d prefer this not happen, please communicate this to us directly and we will comply.

Trading Terms:

All bookings require a 25% deposit to secure a spot in our diary and the remaining balance is to be paid in full prior to the commencement of the tour. If paying by PayPal, we’d advise paying at least 3 days prior to allow for funds to clear, if by bank transfer, then at least 24 hours prior to allow funds to clear, and if by cash, please let us know and we’ll finalise payment in cash at collection / pick up.

Alternative payment options: you can use PayPal (4 payment option) or we can arrange a weekly direct debit authority to operate between now and the tour date.


Our first approach will be to re-schedule to another date within the next 12 months. If rescheduling is not an option, then cancellations with notice of more than 28 days prior to commencement of tour, 75% of deposit will be refunded. 28-15 days prior to commencement of tour, 50% of deposit will be refunded. 14-8 days prior to commencement of tour, 25% of deposit will be refunded. 7 days or less prior to commencement of tour, none of the 25% deposit will be refunded.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice from the commencement of the tour are liable for a fee equal to 50% of their guiding fees (capped to the following 48 hours). Deposits and full payments may be transferred to secure another date where available, subject to our discretion. 


 The scope of these policies are set out below and any addictions or subtractions may only be by agreement of both parties and evidenced in writing. “Tasmania Fly Fishing” (Scott Murphy) and you the client agree that:

“Tasmania Fly Fishing” will:

Meet with you on time for the time period(s) agreed.

Be customer driven and service orientated.

Assist and steer you the client through jointly developing a Tour based on the client’s outcomes for this engagement.

Facilitate and devote ourselves to the Tour and your time.

Create an individual Tour based on the positive communications of the client.

Treat all discussions and information as factual from the client’s point of view and to maintain total confidentiality with all information shared.

Spend the appropriate amount of time preparing for our Tour as well as for appropriate follow up and feedback.

Notify you of any changes of timings or circumstances that have impact on you with a minimum of at least 48 hours’ notice.

Refer you on to a more appropriate service if we discover your needs are outside of the scope of this business and its level of training or expertise.

Promptly resolve with you, any issues or matters which are or may interfere with the successful completion of this engagement.

You the Client will:

Meet with your Guide, on time, for the time(s) agreed.

Participate fully and honestly with your guide in a safe and responsible manner.

Share all issues and details that “Tasmania Fly Fishing” needs to be aware of to be able to help you develop a suitable and workable Tour that is capable of being implemented and carried out by you, the client. Any failure to communicate any and all relevant information may impede on the successful completion of the desired outcomes and this responsibility also rests with you, the client.

Spend the appropriate amount of time preparing for our meeting as well as for appropriate follow up and feedback.

Notify “Tasmania Fly Fishing” of any changes of timings or circumstances that have impact on “Tasmania Fly Fishing” with at least 48 hours’ notice.

Promptly resolve with “Tasmania Fly Fishing”, any issues or matters which are or may interfere with the successful completion of this engagement.


Standards / Personal Guarantee

We aim to provide the highest standard of professional service and are focused on the objectives of our clients. If for any reason you may feel you have not received the level of service expected or have an issue to raise, please contact myself (Scott Murphy) to discuss how it may be resolved.

Should you have any further queries in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.


More background on the business owner – Scott Murphy

Tasmania Fly Fishing Charters
Scott Murphy – House Guide and Business Owner

Scott grew up in a rural farming area of Tasmania. There were great streams in the area and his family often traveled up to the lake country when they could. His parents and grandparents were all hard-working salt of the earth type people and all connected well with nature. All were some sort of small business operators, farm managers, kitchen managers, and hard labor workers over their time. Those values steered Scott through many successful and sometimes testing careers in retail, management, hospitality, tourism, accounting, consulting, training as well as involvement in the motor industry with ownership of a state-wide car detailing franchise system.

He acknowledges that he is happy to have this great opportunity to follow his passions and enjoy the fantastic nature and people here in Tasmania. He sees his role as an opportunity to explore ways with clients to achieve the outcomes they desire, using the processes he’s trained, certified and experienced in.

His qualifications include an Advanced Diploma of Business – Accounting, Certification as a NLP Practitioner and Coach, Certified Workplace Trainer and Teacher, Small Business Management Certification and is a member of the NLP Association of Australia, the Institute of Leaders and Management, the Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania, an accredited tourism operator with EcoStar Accreditation as well as being a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

Fly fishing tours in Tasmania
Tasmania Fly Fishing

Scott’s Journey: From Farm Life to Personal and Business Coaching

Scott’s childhood in a small country town in Tasmania’s northern midlands was filled with the joys of farm life and the rural surroundings. However, as he grew older, his family made the decision to move closer to more populated areas, seeking the comforts of urban living. Scott attended school and played sports like many other kids, eventually finding work in kitchens and the motor industry.

As time went on, Scott’s career path took an exciting turn. He climbed the ladder in a national retail department store chain, starting from entry-level positions and eventually becoming a store manager. This role presented him with incredible opportunities, including opening numerous new stores both in Tasmania and Victoria. Building on this experience, he dedicated himself to furthering his qualifications in business, accounting, management, and training. With his newfound expertise, Scott ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his own consulting service that offered accounting, bookkeeping, and management consulting to local businesses. He even explored the unexpected realm of master franchise car detailing operations for a period.

Continually seeking personal growth and expansion, Scott pursued qualifications in personal therapy, life coaching, and counseling. Combining his diverse skill set and extensive experiences, he now runs a personal and business coaching service called All Round Guide in Launceston, Tasmania. When he’s not indulging in his passion for fly fishing, Scott dedicates himself to helping individuals and businesses thrive by drawing on his expertise in coaching, business management, and personal development.

Scott’s journey is a testament to the power of combining one’s diverse skills, experiences, and passions to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven career.

Tasmania Fly Fishing Charters
Scott Murphy – House Guide and Business Owner

Accredited and Certified

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