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We are often asked by our new clients for recommendations on places to stay, so below we have put together a small list of our favourites that our repeat clients have given us great feedback about, while keeping a variety of budgets in mind.

The first group of accommodation places are those that are on fisheries or give you direct access to fishing waters. As you can imagine, many of our clients are very keen on fly fishing and wish to stay at places that mesh well with the pursuit of this pass time.

The second group of places are those that are local to Launceston and offer the conveniences of the city and are of close proximity for us to collect you from on our guiding days. I’ll provide some information with links to their website below:


Accommodation on Trout Fisheries:


Currawong Lakes

If you’re looking for a truly exceptional place to stay in Tasmania, we can’t recommend Currawong Lakes enough! This hidden gem, expertly managed by Richard and Meryn Krimmer, offers a range of self-contained accommodations that cater to various preferences.

From cozy bush cabins surrounded by nature’s beauty to a charming lakeside chalet, Currawong Lakes provides a unique and unforgettable experience. The property boasts three magnificent trout lakes, where you’ll have the opportunity to catch wild Brown Trout that naturally spawn in the area. To enhance your fly fishing adventure, there are also Rainbow Trout stocked in the lakes.

But that’s not all—Currawong Lakes has something for everyone. Get ready for an exhilarating experience at one of the best “sporting clays” shooting ranges you’ll ever come across. Even if you’re unsure about such an activity, we encourage you to give it a try—it’s heaps of fun!

For those with a passion for deer stalking, make sure to inquire about their guided deer hunting experiences. Richard and Meryn can provide you with an incredible opportunity to pursue this exciting activity.

We personally rate Currawong Lakes very highly and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Tasmania. The location, the accommodations, the fishing, and the additional activities make it an extraordinary destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Don’t miss out on this exceptional experience!


Tin Dragon Cottages

Introducing Tin Dragons Trail Cottages, a remarkable collection of beautifully handcrafted cottages nestled in the serene farmlands near Branxholm. Located adjacent to the picturesque Ringarooma River, this idyllic retreat offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler.

From spacious family villas to cozy single cabins with outdoor heated spas, Tin Dragons Trail Cottages caters to all kinds of getaways. For those seeking a romantic escape, the secluded cabins provide the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Budget-conscious travelers will also find delightful hut-style accommodations that offer comfort and affordability.

Operated by the dedicated team of Christine and Graham since the early 2000s, this eco-friendly property ensures a professionally managed and environmentally conscious experience. With a commitment to sustainability, Tin Dragons Trail Cottages offers a harmonious blend of comfort and responsible practices.

Situated in the breathtaking North East of Tasmania, this haven is a paradise for trout fishing enthusiasts. Surrounded by an abundance of pristine streams and still water fisheries, it’s an angler’s dream come true. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, the proximity to excellent fishing spots makes Tin Dragons Trail Cottages an ideal choice for multi-day bookings.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the surrounding landscapes, breathe in the crisp country air, and indulge in the thrill of catching trout. Each day spent at Tin Dragons Trail Cottages promises an unforgettable adventure, as you explore the region’s renowned fishing destinations.

Unwind, reconnect with nature, and create lasting memories at this exceptional retreat. Book your stay at Tin Dragons Trail Cottages and experience the unparalleled charm and natural wonders of North East Tasmania.


Myrtle Park Recreation Ground:

This is an amazing caravan park and camp ground on the famous St Patricks River and is only 25 minutes out of Launceston. It has a great list of facilities, has a kiosk on-site and is close to many excellent river fisheries. Professionally run and well maintained, we get great feedback from our travelling clients.


Longford Riverside Caravan Park:

Again just out of Launceston (about 20 minutes drive) and right on the Macquarie River and the South Esk River (my favourite river in Tasmania), this beautiful caravan park has the many conveniences of the township of Longford with bakeries, hotels, shops, supermarkets etc and is close to many excellent fisheries, the rivers just mentioned but also Brumby’s Creek, Four Springs Lagoon and it’s on the way to the Central Highlands. Perfect for those who want to be central to several varieties of Tasmanian fisheries.


Accommodation local to Launceston:


Hotel Verge Launceston: 

Industrial Luxe Hotel in the heart of Launceston. We are delighted to support and recommend Launceston’s newest hotel; proudly Tasmanian built, owned and operated. It is located in the CBD opposite City Park. Referencing the precinct’s early industrial heritage, Hotel Verge’s contemporary design features spacious, well-appointed hotel rooms with an industrial luxe persona. It also does breakfast and dinner very well. Staff are friendly and always on hand to provide local advice. We’ve received nothing but fabulous feedback from our clients who have stayed at this lovely property. Just up from Hobart, visiting from the mainland or travelling internationally – you’d be hard pressed to find a better pick in Launceston.


Change Overnight Hotel

Welcome to The Change Overnight Hotel, a truly refreshing concept that combines comfortable accommodation with a meaningful cause. With each stay, you’ll be making contributions to a selection of incredible causes, making your visit even more impactful.

Situated in the heart of Launceston, this former office complex has been thoughtfully transformed into a collection of magnificent apartment-style accommodations. The spacious and well-appointed apartments provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests.

We’re proud to say that many of our clients have stayed at The Change Overnight Hotel and have left amazing reviews. They have been impressed by the unique concept, the quality of the accommodations, and the positive impact their stay has had on various worthy causes.

By choosing to stay at The Change Overnight Hotel, you’re not only treating yourself to a wonderful experience but also contributing to making a difference in the world. Enjoy your stay and feel good about the positive change you’re creating!


Country Club Casino and Villas:

This option stands out for its wide range of accommodation and dining choices, as well as its excellent service and convenient late trading hours. Whether you prefer staying at the Casino or in the nearby Villas, you’ll find comfortable and well-appointed accommodations.

What sets The Grand Resort apart is its extensive selection of dining options, allowing you to satisfy your cravings with delicious meals. Additionally, the resort offers various recreational activities, including a golf course and horse riding, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

With a long-standing presence in the area, The Grand Resort has become a trusted establishment that has been professionally managed for many years. Its contribution to the local economy through employment opportunities is commendable.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive resort experience with a variety of amenities and services, The Grand Resort is definitely worth considering. Take a closer look and see why it has garnered a strong reputation among locals and visitors alike.


Launceston Backpackers:

If you’re seeking budget-friendly and convenient accommodation in Launceston, look no further than Launceston Backpackers. This popular backpacker hostel offers an excellent option for travelers on a budget.

Located in the heart of Launceston, Launceston Backpackers provides easy access to a wide range of amenities. Within walking distance, you’ll find a diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets, and other attractions. This prime location allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city and make the most of your visit.

Launceston Backpackers offers comfortable and welcoming hostel-style accommodation. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, the hostel provides affordable and cozy rooms to meet your needs. With a long-standing reputation for quality service, you can expect a pleasant stay and helpful staff who are knowledgeable about the area.

Choose Launceston Backpackers as your base to explore the city and enjoy all the activities and attractions it has to offer. With its affordable rates, convenient location, and friendly atmosphere, this hostel is a top choice for backpackers visiting Launceston. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a budget-friendly stay without compromising on comfort and convenience.

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