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We’re excited to share our full range of trout flies, the very ones we use in our guiding services and on our private fishing trips. These flies are now accessible to both our valued clients and the wider public.

Our selection consists of a mix of classic Trout Flies plus, we offer a variety of our own fly patterns, honed over many years of practical experience in Tasmanian waters, including rivers, streams, twig waters, lagoons and lakes.

All of our flies are professionally tied patterns by Matt Riseley of Riseley Trout Flies.

We split our range into 4 categories: Mayflies / Terrestrials / Nymphs / Wet Flies

Please Note: this page is under development, individual photos of each fly is coming soon.


Placing Orders: Email to [email protected]  or call Scott on +61 407 334 415

Freight: Orders under $50, freight in Australia $15 / over $50, freight is free

Process: confirm order – complete payment / ship flies (max 14 days)

Note: Wholesale Prices available to Retailers / House Guides / Repeat Guiding Clients


Mayfly Patterns


Terrestrial Patterns


Nymph Patterns


Wet Fly Patterns

Disclaimer: some slight variations to the photos may occur over time due to seasonal availability of materials at the time of tying. We seem to be organically developing our flies as we go, as each fishing trip provides more learnings about each fly.

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